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There were a few nice cars roll through. A group of four late model Mustangs came through as a group. Unfortunately I was only able to get one picture of each except for the lead car. They were too close together to do any more. It is important to keep at least 3 seconds of space between vehicles to allow me to get multiple shots. I have noticed the Mustang guys (and girls) are the most organized in the upstate. No groups of Camaros, Corvettes, GTOs, or anything else ever come through. Every once in a while a group of Miatas will come through. I admit I am a Ford fan but I still appreciate muscle cars, sports cars, and exotics of all types. The number of Mustangs vs. others leads me to think maybe the Camaro guys are fixing their cars. I did see some things that disturb me. Motorcyclists have gotten a bad rap for reckless driving on this road. The pictures tend to prove it might be some of the car drivers who need to go home. Just look at the pictures and you will see what I am talking about. All it takes is one or two people pushing their vehicle beyond the limits to ruin a good thing for everyone. Stay in your own lane or go home. This is a public road with all types of people who use it daily. There is one picture of a car straddling the center line with a motorcycle coming from the other direction. The Harley rider probably had a nice brown streak in his tighty whities. Think safety. You do not have to push the vehicles to get good pictures.

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