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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is SmugMug?

A: SmugMug is my web host and storefront service. SmugMug takes care of all my credit card processing and other business details. For more information about SmugMug please visit

Q: When will the pictures be up?

A: I try to get the pictures post processed and uploaded as soon as I can. Within 48 hours is my goal 100% of the time. However on occasion I may miss the 48 hour deadline due to unforeseen circumstances. Please be patient. I want to deliver the best product I can.

Q: Do you print the pictures yourself?

A: No, I use Bay Photo for all of my prints. I use other print services to produce items not supplied by Bay Photo. Anything ordered from this site other than prints are printed by EZ Prints. Other custom items are supplied by other companies such as Shutterfly.

Q: All of your pictures have your company name across the middle, I don't want that.

A: The watermark, as it is called, will not be present on any products you purchase.

Q: What are "metallic" prints?

A: Metallic prints are prints made on Kodak Professional Endura Metallic paper. This paper has a finish that gives the entire print a bit of a metallic sheen. The effect is really difficult to describe. Metallic prints should not be confused with metal prints which are printed on a sheet of aluminum.

Please email any additional questions.

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