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January 1, 2016 - Several local car clubs joined together to do a New Years Day mountain run. They met in Easley, SC and headed over to US 276 to start the mountain portion of the event. Caesar's Head was the first mountain to be conquered. This set of pictures was taken when they were nearing the top. Due to the spacing I had one chance to get each car. I did not capture every car and some of the pictures I took were not usable. The car clubs involved were Upstate Mustang Club, Misfit Mustangs, Athens Area Mustangs, and I think 2 different Mopar clubs. There were two Mercury's, a Camaro and a Cadillac Sport Wagon in the group also. There was one Honda and a VW. The total number of cars involved was just over 80. I enjoyed seeing the different makes running together because whether someone likes GM, Ford, or Mopar, we are are enthusiast.

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