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The Epic Drive is an annual event to showcase the 1989 through 1995 Thunderbird Super Coupes. Other cars are welcome. The people that are not in Super Coupes do own SC's but didn't bring them for a variety of reasons. I found out about this event through the SCCoA (Super Coupe Club of America) in early 2018. The event several days and several hundred miles and always includes some fun roads. As an owner I planned on attending but had to cancel due to car issues. A year later I am still having some car issues. But this year the selected route came down US 178 from Rosman NC. My favorite shooting spots are along that road. I went out and waited for the group to roll through and then caught up to head into Anderson for lunch. A couple of cars got turned around leaving Rosman and didn't make the pictures. It was an awesome day meeting all of the great people in this group. I look forward to actually being able to participate in the future.

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