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Veterans Last Patrol is an organization that works with veterans who are in hospice care. Being a veteran myself this is something that I consider to be a worthy cause and necessary to help our heroes pass on with the love and dignity they earned protecting our freedoms. Many of these veterans have been  all but forgotten with no family to be with them in their final days. Veteran's Last Patrol makes sure that these men and women are not forgotten. This car show was the 2nd annual car show for our area. There were six simultaneous motorcycle rides happening across the US to benefit veterans in hospice. Miss Liberty Belle was at the show with some other pin ups to help with running the show. Miss Liberty Belle help veterans who need help transitioning to the private sector. Resume and interview services are provided as well as clothing for our veterans to wear to interviews. Miss Liberty Belle helps local veteran owned businesses get there products and services to the market place. There were to many other supporters of our veterans there to mention them all. Kobbie of Hot Rods and Happy Hour took care of the event entertainment and organization. Even Batman made the drive in the batmobile from Spartanburg to Travelers Rest with the motorcycles. As always please enjoy the pictures from this event.

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