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The second iteration of this show did not have the extraordinary participation that the first one had. Very chilly temperatures, overcast, and threats of rain kept people at home. Another factor was a competing show in Pigeon Forge, Ponies in the Smokies. However drastic improvements were made in the organization of the show. Registration was well planned. Music selection was excellent. The drawings were well spaced. I came out to the good with what I won...another bucket of car care supplies. Parking at this show was great once again. I love having the cars spaced with an empty space between each. This is something other car show organizers could learn from. One thing I personally did not care for was the reception from The FFA members working the show. They looked at my car with it's peeling 25 year old clearcoat and assumed I was a spectator. They seemed to have no interest in the cars. Here's a clue, every vehicle that pays a registration fee to participate in your show should be welcomed. We are there to support you. Don't stand around talking when you should be directing the entrants to a parking place.

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