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Calvin and I attended the first Cars and Coffee event in Easley South Carolina. It is the first C&C we have been to in a very long time. Robinson Funeral Home in Easley is the host of this event. It is also the only only funeral home I know of that has a Starbucks coffee shop on premises. Coffee Corner adds the coffee part to the Cars and Coffee event. The young man working was very attentive to the customers and made sure everything was correct. There were not a lot of cars in attendance. However there were some very nice classic rides that showed up. It is what the cars part of Cars and Coffee is truly about. Everyone was super friendly. I loved all of the cars regardless of the make or condition. I need to apologize to the owner of the blue 71-73 Mustang. Grabber Blue paint is next to impossible to photograph correctly. Getting it to look correct in pictures is almost like finding the holy grail. Given the location of this event, I think a classic hearse would be a fitting display. We used this event to help Calvin develop his photography skills.

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