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Mr. Austin Brown was one of the photo shoot winners from last year. Our schedules finally matched up and I took these pictures. The vehicle is a 1969 Jeepster Commando with four wheel drive and a Dauntless V6 power plant. This Jeepster commands attention wherever it goes. Austin and his Jeep have won several awards at car shows. Unfortunately Austin has told me that this vehicle needs some work because of some unwanted custom body modifications to the hood. This is a driver for Austin and it shows the appropriate marks of those duties. This was a difficult shoot because of the box like shape but there is some wonderful art deco trim to make things pop. My knowledge of Jeeps is very limited and Austin did a fine job of giving me some information. I was really surprised with the V6. I assumed that it would have a straight 6 like most vehicles of that era. The engine is actually a Buick Dauntless V6 that displaces 225ci good fore 160hp and 235 pounds of torque. This came equipped with a 3 speed manual transmission.

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