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Luke's Wish has come to an end. The car is complete and has been presented to Luke. In addition to receiving the car, Luke's most recent scan has come back clean. This is truly a wish come true. Luke had been kept in an information void for the majority of this project; no pictures, hints, or anything else that might ruin the surprise. The Mustang Shop put on "The Show Before The Snow" as a cover for the unveiling of Luke's Wish. The turnout was extraordinary. The day started with a final cleaning of the car. As people started to arrive for the show, Luke's Wish was hidden away out of sight. People socialized and drifted back to take a look at the project. Cars were brought into the shop for the "show". When Luke arrived, everyone became silent before he entered the garage. Luke had been blindfolded before getting to the shop and was guided in by immediate family and friends. Once he was in place, strains of Mustang Sally could be heard coming from the Mustangs stereo. The engine was started and the Mustang broke free from its hiding place and came to rest at Luke's feet. I don't think there was a dry eye there. Allen Martin took Luke for his first ride. The gathering slowly came to a close. There are to many people who were involved in this project to try to list them. There will be more pictures coming of the car in its various stages of restoration. There is one more surprise coming that prevents me from releasing all of my pictures. 

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