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Tammy and I have acquired a project vehicle. Everyone expected it to be a Mustang since we are members of Foothills Mustang Club. I have owned 3 Mustangs and do intend to get another when the right one comes along. I have, however, wanted a Super Coupe since they were introduced in 1989. This one happened to come to the last charity cruise in very late. It happened to be for sale. Tammy looked at it and liked it, so we bought it. It has some problems that are to be expected with a 22 year old car. This gallery just shows the basic condition that the car was in when we bought it. The car came with the original owners manual and warranty book as well as a Chilton repair manual. A bonus is the 1993 Thunderbird sales brochure. Sadly there is no window sticker or build sheet. I hope to find a build sheet sometime when I take something apart. I will add a few more pictures to this gallery as I get more starting point pictures. As I fix things I will add more galleries to show the progress.

For those who don't know, the SC stands for supercharged. Information I have found so far indicates that there were less than 3000 of these made with automatics in 1993.

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